• Interstellar and Eternity

    I just watched the movie Interstellar and to a Sci-fi guy like me it was amazing. I was blown away by the visuals of Outer Space and the vastness and complexity of the Universe.

  • Confessions of a Pastor

    One of the interesting challenges of being a pastor is people thinking you're preaching AT them. Instead of recognizing that the Holy Ghost is ministering to them about a matter in their life

  • God's Gladiator

    I came across a tweet the other day that really spoke to me as a man.  You see, sometimes as men we can get confused about the numerous roles we should be playing in life.  We wonder, "Should I be serious all the time?

  • Are You AWOL?

    Job or assignment. Which one do you have?

    Maybe you think they're the same. They're not.

    If you have a job you're AWOL from your assignment.

    If you're in your assignment you don't need a job.

  • Think Like a CHRISTIAN Man

  • Is God Helping Tim Tebow?

    "your help has made me great" 2 Samuel 22:36 NLT

  • The Miracle List - Yes He Can!

    I've been asked for this multiple times. For fun, tell me which one of these was an error.

  • Crossing Your Jordan River

    In Joshua 3, the Israelites were brought by God to the shores of the Jordan River. God gave Joshua instructions to follow for Israel to cross the Jordan River. As they followed his instructions the Jordan river stood up like a waterfall and Israel crossed over on dry ground. Sound familiar?

  • Washed by the Blood

    I just finished reading Joshua 2. I noticed how Rahab the harlot was told to let down a SCARLET rope out of her house so her family would be saved. God forgave her past and promised her and hers a future - in short - she was REDEEMED. Thank God we're all REDEEMED by the BLOOD of Jesus as well.